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Caminhos - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free . 3 ago. Caminhos cruzados by, , Brasiliense edition, in Portuguese. CAMINHOS CRUZADOS. Rua da Boa Viagem, n. Maia - Portugal. T. + Logistics. Box: 6 bottles of 75cl. Measurements cm.

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Chega de Saudade. To hear is potentially an ethical impera- tive to those who want to get closer to something or someone unknown, and sounds are the elements which trigger the machine of understanding, so to speak.


Perhaps we are not far from the kind of hearing that is in the very ori- gin of a literature which, in one way or another, reproduces oral practices. It is this rapture and rising up, that seems to lie at the crux of the question. Clearly it concerns a listening intensiied by the interior experience, but it is also about hearing something that is beyond: beyond the corporeal, beyond this world, beyond the concrete and sullied experience of men, wating above all these like a divine vibration.

It is a transparent separation and an exhibition full of aesthetic and po- litical consequences for those who look for the meaning of such a detaching of the drummers, which is at once the setting apart and the veneration of the subject, that is, its ultimate consecration. It seems that these black percussionists are not there by chance. As if the shame triggered by the use of stereotypes were overcome, in an attitude typical of Caetano, inspired perhaps by his fecund dialogue with mass and pop culture.

In an attempt at being less optimistic, I think here about the meaning of 12 Luso-Brazilian Review this state of exception through which we can understand the sacred body as completely subject to the discretionary power of the collectivity. It is possible to glimpse therein an unveiling of the sublimation, as though, through his performance, Caetano intended to remember once again, or celebrate, that which was erased from or forgotten in the original song, but that paradoxically is the very thing that still makes it fascinating and danceable to this day: the rhythm dictated by the drums that may only be perceptible to the interior ear.

In other words, Quintero postulates the possibility of conceiv- ing a whole society establishing itself essentially as a society of maroons, for whom the very act of hiding and seeking is the political act par excel- lence. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to think about the eminently sonorous game that Caetano Veloso plays in all of his performances. In it, that which was intangible the sound of the drums seems present, in the scene in which those black percussionists, in the back- ground, supply the element that maintains the poetic tension of samba: the batida original beat with which the voice must interact.

In the fascina- tion with the original beat, might there not also be lurking the fear of this very origin? A question, then, continues to disturb: are not all essentialist discourses and all possible naturalizations that ines- capably link blacks to music and rhythm, hatched in the illusion of origin? It is in the presence of the drum that, in the end, that original pulse and that irst beat are supposedly revealed. In other words, it is fundamental that the origin appears as natural or mythical because then the traces of the writing itself, that re created its naturalness or mythical nature, can be for- gotten.

Bhabha It is disturbing, but it seems that we cannot hear what comes from the Monteiro 15 margins unless we turn it into something else, as if only as some thing else we could endure it. It is as if those sounds were reminding us of something that we want or need to forget. In the end, fascination is the best way to keep secret, in its obscurity, the object of our desire. Notes 1. I thank all the colleagues and students who greatly contributed to these speculations with their questions and suggestions, at and ater these talks.

I also thank Nicola Cooney for having translated the text of that lecture, and Stephen Lawrence for helping me with the inal English text. I especially thank my dear colleague Patricia Pinho, who invited me to share my thoughts with her colleagues in Massachusetts, and whose work is a source of re- lection and admiration for me.

In this essay quotation marks around the word black or blacks indicate an aesthetic construct rather than a historical subject or community. Needless to say, the distinction can be diicult sometimes. Interesting parallels could be developed through including other national references.

See, for example, Robin Moore on the Cuban experience.

Discography of Recordings as a Sideman

It is therefore necessary to take into consideration not only inscribed traditions, but most of all traditions that have been literally embodied in the pro- cess of the formation of a collective identity. In the inal paragraphs of his memoirs, Caetano Veloso says that an invita- tion to write the book came from a New York editor who had read his article on Carmen Miranda, originally written for the New York Times.

According to him, the samba-samba would have provided the nucleus for the development of the Brazilian song, which would os- cillate between the marchinha and the seresta, as that nucleus is accelerated or slo- wed down. Again note the original purity, here in a civic- scholastic manifestation. Lorand Matory Bibliography Abreu, Martha. Agamben, Giorgio.

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Daniel Hel- ler-Roazen. Alves, Castro.

Espumas lutuantes e Os escravos. Luiz Dantas and Pablo Simp- son. Andrade, Oswald de. Augustin, saint. Jean-Louis Dumas.

Lucien Jer- phagnon. Paris: Gallimard, Bhabha, Homi. Monteiro 19 Borim Jr. Burdick, John. Campos, Augusto de.

Codman, John. Boston, MA: Lee and Shepard, Cunha, Maria Clementina Pereira. La guaracha del ma- cho Camacho. Dunn, Christopher. Flores, Juan. Freud, Sigmund. Peter Gay. Garcia, Walter.

caminhos cruzados.pdf

Gil, Gilberto, and Veloso, Caetano. CD, Hall, Stuart. Gina Dent. Seattle, WA: Bay Press, Cain The Last Tycoon, F. We can find the right one for us by nfl football jerseys trying to communicate with other people.

caminhos cruzados.pdf

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