at a Glance. Home» About Hand-picked Rewards» Eligible Cards Browse by Points ICICI Bank Business Ascent American Express® Credit Card. ICICI Banks offers great range of credit card reward programs that come with a plethora of Important Information: With effect from June 12, , a Redemption redemption request for reward points earned on ICICI Bank Credit Cards. Terms and Conditions applicable to ICICI Bank Credit Card Reward Point Schemes With effect from June 12, , a Redemption Handling Fee + Service Tax will be by ICICI Bank from time to time in the Hand-picked Rewards catalogue.

Icici Credit Card Reward Points Catalogue 2014 Pdf

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Ask for payment using PAYBACK points; Show your PAYBACK card, provide your With effect from June 12, , a Redemption Handling Fee + Service Tax will request for reward points earned on ICICI Bank Credit Cards, Debit Cards or. Simply exchange your reward points to cash, which will be credited to your credit card s total outstanding balance for you to spend however you wish at any. ICICI Bank MySavings Rewards Points Detail - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. icbmrp. Card For every offline transaction. Up to 10 Points for every Rs. spent. Points are as per Debit .. GATE Brochure.

How will I be able to track my points, will I get a summary statement for the same? You can also call up our 24 hr customer care. The various ways to know the total points accumulated are : 1. Log in at www.

The rewards section post login at www. By visiting the reward section post login at www. For every new ID addition of Cust ID, points are given the maximum points earned will be in a month. You can earn a maximum of points in a month for Family Banking.

How many points do I get as a reward for an online shopping transaction? You can earn 1 point per Rs. Please note the minimum amount of transactions should be Rs.

What will be the maximum points I earn for online shopping transaction? The maximum points earned will be points per transaction i. How many points do I earn on activation of an iDirect account? Do I earn points if I open a new trading account or a new demat account and link it to the existing Savings Account?

For Bill Pay, 10 points are earned for every transaction minimum transaction amount has to be Rs.

What are the maximum points I can earn for Bill Pay? Which are the eligible billers for which I get points in the MySavings Rewards program? All major billers are covered under the program.

Currently there is no minimum amount or tenure limit for Recurring Deposit.

The Standing Instruction set for the auto debit post the launch of the program is only considered. Do I get credit for Recurring Deposit creation one time or on monthly basis? Does iwish accounts come under recurring deposits for reward point calculation?

How do I redeem my Points?

Currently the Loan Products applicable for the Rewards are: 1. Home Loan 3. Personal Loan How many points do I earn for Loans? Will I earn maximum points for all loan products together? No , is the maximum points earned for each Loan product individually.

I have a Rs. Do I get credit for part payment under the Program?

Will I get reward points on download outs or Transferred loans from other organisations? The maximum points which a you can get is How many points do I get as a reward on my Travel Card?

Yes, you can earn maximum of points. To know about your lounge access history Please write a mail to pp prioritypass. To see if your card is contactless, look for the contactless symbol network on your Card.


You can use your card to make quick transactions at merchant locations accepting contactless cards Please note that in India, payment through contactless mode is allowed for a maximum of Rs. However, if the amount is higher than or equal to Rs. Club Vistara Silver Tier membership as a benefit on Regalia card is being discontinued w. All members who have already registered before the deadline will continue to enjoy the membership benefits for a period of 12 months from the date of enrollment.

Click Here to discover the privileges.

Eg : If you have received reward points in the month of June , then same will expire in June Terms and Conditions Apply. Minimum transaction of INR and maximum transaction of Maximum cash back of INR per statement cycle.

Why is ICICI bank charging redemption fees on Payback points usage?

Fuel surcharge varies from 2. The rate of surcharge may vary depending on the fuel station and their acquiring bank.

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GST applicable. Enjoy up to 50 days of interest free credit and manage your payments at your convenience. The next time you need to make airline reservations or book a hotel room, let your travel concierge do it for you. Air Accidental death: In case of death in an Air accident, your nominated kin will receive a compensation of Rs. Contact details: a. Email: bankclaims hdfcergo.I have a Rs. What do you mean by Activation of Gold Loan?

The maximum points which a you can get is Exclusive offers for Cardholders from time to time. Free Add on Card for life.

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