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Angel burn [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / L.A. Weatherly. Angel trilogy ; bk. Headquarters (ECRL) - eBooks (EPUB) - Young Adult Fiction. Call Number, Copy, Status. EBOOK, 1, Available. Similar Items. Angel fever / L.A. Weatherly. Angel'Fever'(Angel,'#3)'ebook'download'epub'pdf'audiobook. Isameew; 5 videos; No views; Updated today. Play all. Share. Loading Save. The first epic adventure in L.A. Weatherly's ANGEL trilogy Willow knows ISBN ePub ISBN * | - - - Seyue # **A*/ay ANGEL.

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Angel Fever

The Gatekeeper Chronicles by Jasmine Walt. Yvette Saldivar pinned post 1 May at 7: The Baine Chronicles by Jasmine Walt.

Deceived by Magic. Scorched by Magic. Yes it is. In my opinion, anyway. Finish it! See all 3 questions about Angel Fever…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 01, l marked it as to-read.

EDIT , 14th June Oh hey guys, I'm still here. I guess they changed the release date again to December EDIT 4, 8th May I lied. It's November. EDIT 3, 3rd April JOKES I just noticed that November 12th is the hardback publication date, and it's actually being released in a few weeks. EDIT 2, 3rd April I'm taking some deep breaths at the moment.

November I finished Angel Fire in early February, and I'm already growing impatient! Only 5 more months I can do this I just hope this book isn't just Alex and Willow running away again.

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I'm looking forward to some epic battles! View all 8 comments. I bought this on my site in Have I read it all yet? Will I read it all? Probably not. I loved this series when it started, but I'm over the hype now. I skipped to the end, I know what happens, and I'm happy that who I shipped was who Willow chose.

Though, that was kind of predictable. I'm going to give this book 3 stars. It's only fair. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it; what little I did read. It was too predictable, and truthfully, the first few chapters bored me. It's al I bought this on my site in It's always annoyed me that Willow basically led Alex on.

Why he stuck around is beyond me. This was no exception, I could have screamed at her multiple times. It's sad that I probably won't ever finish this series; what used to be a favourite of mine.

But this book has been in my library for so long, every time I try to get back into it I just grow bored. I have to admit defeat sometime. From I can't get over that cover. The man on the right looks like a frigging Jonas Brother x Ian Somerhalder. He really just does not fit there.

The cover is the work of crap photoshop; the colours are way off. You have willow and the guy on the left all dark and then BAM Some pasty bloke. It's kind of a big deal to me, because I judge books by their covers. View all 9 comments. Jan 02, Sairah rated it it was amazing. Also, why is the cover purple????

OK so it's the last in the series and has to look special I mean I like purple but it doesn't fit the books!!!

I like the peachy colour they used before!!! Then, so help me. I'm gonna loose control. The orange cover with flames is pretty though and it's the one I prefer quite honestly. There are some good parts about the purple cover, when you look closely at the people they fit the character description which is nice and the blue hues on the back cover are really quite beautiful I just wish it hadn't been photoshopped as much!!

Again, apologies all round Anyway, Hey Ho maybe I'll grow to like it when I hold in my own two hands.


There are only a matter of weeks until that day comes so I'm sure it will grow on me. Don't worry you're not missing out on much Seb is also really sweet but hearing about what a tough life he's had makes me want to cry Looking forward to some epic fighting,angel supernatural stuff, sweet romance and friendship!!!

These books have got me hooked!! I honestly think L. A Weatherly is a really good writer and yeah, it' understandable that a masterpieve like these books would take time but i wish the book would JUST come out already!!! Only couple more months to go!!!

View all 6 comments. Okay, I just read Angel Burn and Angel Fire and loved them, but if the wolrd ends before the next comes out, I'll cry. I usually say if the world ends before insert whatever I'm talking about I'll be Mad. But no, with this book, I'll cry. And I don't cry often. Edit March 21st Wait a minute No, no, no. This book was just I read it in a night, and around eleven I was getting sort of tired and loopy and deep. A year passed within a night.

More than a year passed within a night, actually.

Now, when you have a book and it covers a large amount of time Like a year you can either focus on the year that passes Like Wither or you could could give a brief overview of how much time has passed but not a lot has happened because the main character is consumed with grief like New Moon. This book went more of the New Moon route, and I understand why.

Detail Angel Fever ePub/PDF/site

I felt a little detached from it though, but it came out alright because when stuff started happening again, the changes to Willow's character were there. When the whole view spoiler [Alex being 'dead' hide spoiler ] thing happened, I sort of knew it wasn't possible. Like, c'mon dude. Schrodinger's Cat. At the end of the last book, they'd made too big of a deal about her being disappeared to be dead. Best of all, one of the things I wanted MOST in this book was to see Nina again so that relationship could come to fruition where so often in YA books the best friends are ignored and forgotten.

I got what I wanted. Also, Jonah was there, which just made even happier.

There was a point in there where Willow wasn't getting along with Alex OR Seb and Seb and Alex weren't getting along with each other, which hurt me. But they worked it out. View all 3 comments. Angel Fever had some good moments but for the most part it was average. It made the final good vs evul showdown really boring. I would have preferred if the angels weren't all cold greedy, evul douches — it was all so cartoony.

I really wished that she'd fully move 2. I really wished that she'd fully moved on in the year that she thought Alex was dead. It would have made things far more interesting when he came back. It was unforgivable that she spent a year mourning him, when he could have just told her his ridiculous plan.

And it was dumb that she forgave the fucker. All he did was lie to Willow because he was too much of a coward to tell the truth — his lying was made even worse because he specifically promised to tell her if he ever did anything dangerous. He was such a dick. He was such a whiny, self-pitying, selfish git.

His attitude towards Willow was so annoying — he knew she was in love with Alex, she was clear about who she wanted, and he acted cool with her loving someone else and told her that no matter who she chose he'd always be there for her. He was such a liar, he stopped being her friend just because she didn't dump Alex for him. The bastard. He ignored Willow for months when she needed him, all because she didn't return his feelings — so much for always being there for her.

He had no right being angry and pissed at her, he knew the score from the get go, she never led him on, he was the one that lied to her and let her down. All the 'pain' he was going through he bought on himself - I had no sympathy for him whatsoever.

The worst part was that he started dating another girl Meghan even though he was still in love with Willow. He then used Meghan and treated her like shit.

His whole epiphany at the end that he was in love with Meghan was ridiculous — if he really loved her that much he would have realised much sooner, and he would have fought for her, and he would never have abandoned her so he could chase after Willow. It was clear that Meghan was just second best, she deserved much better than him.

He had no depth whatsoever, I thought he would start to feel something for Willow or her mother but he only cared about being all powerful. He was so one dimensional and ridiculous.

All in all, it was mostly okay. I seriously don't know what I ever did to deserve you. Now with the arrival of the third and final instalment, I'm left astonished by how truly amazing this series is. After the mind-blowing events in Angel Fire , Willow, Alex, Seb and the gang are trying to pick up the pieces and work ou "God, Willow. After the mind-blowing events in Angel Fire , Willow, Alex, Seb and the gang are trying to pick up the pieces and work out their next steps.

They know they need to continue with the fight against the angel's but, with the world in ruins, it's going to be a even harder journey. Deciding to go into hiding seems like their only choice but, they still need to work hard to achieve the ultimate goal - to destroy all the angels. With the return of someone close to Alex, Alex realises that he needs to go on a journey by himself, which brings some life changing events to Willow.

But with the final battle around the corner, Willow needs to take charge and finish thing once and for all - but is she strong enough? I'm so pleased that Angel Fever was worth the wait - it was amazing, just truly amazing! I was luckily enough to find time to re-read the first two books before I got my hands on the final book, and I'm so glad I did. I never realised how much important information I forget over time, so by the time I started Angel Fever , I knew exactly what was going on.

A Weatherly delivers an unforgettable finale - one that was so emotional that I was on the verge of tears. I thought my days of nearly crying was over after I read Angel Fire, - which was an emotional sequel, but once again L. A knows how to get her readers going. As a final story, I thought everything was wrapped up perfectly.

There wasn't any unanswered questions or little thoughts I had after - which I find I get a lot after reading a final book, but none in this series.

Epub Angel Face Sex Murder And The Inside Story Of Amanda Knox

It makes me love it that much more, and that the ending was so perfect. The final battle was just so good too, it was sitting on the edge of your seat good - I was such a huge bundle of nerves.

Willow and Alex have really come a long way. I wasn't sure what was in store for them this time around but again, it was nothing like I expected. I was so invested in their relationship that I felt every emotion that they were feeling, and times, it was completely heart-breaking, but then so beautiful at other times.

Willow and Alex are just perfect together - no matter their ups and downs. In all, Angel Fever is one of the most beautiful and satisfying conclusions I've read in a long time, and this series will forever remain a favourite of mine. It's definitely a keeper, and if you haven't picked it up yet - then what are you waiting for?

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For legal websites, thus, the publications are Byzantine. But she knows the truth: safe is an illusion, and staying alive is all that matters. I am seriously looking forward to the next instalments in this trilogy. Violetta welcomes historical romance fantasy elements just fine and will consider some contemporary romance, too.

She doesn't really play any sort of important role except for the fact that her very existence resolves a conflict. Surroundings: Avoid strong odors. Feb 23, Turkan Taskin marked it as will-not-read.

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