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look hundreds times for their chosen books like this codex dark eldar, but end up WARHAMMER 40, CODEX: DARK ELDAR Official Update for 7th Edition. Warhammer 40K - Codex - Dark Eldar - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. WH40K Codex WarHammer 40K [codex] 7th ed - Eldar redelocidi.cf Codex_ Dark Eldar 5th Edition | Military | Violence Warhammer 40K Download Dark eldar codex 7th pdf files - TraDownload Here you can.

Swing by and have your say in the conversation. VERY sad they didn't carry over at least they haven't appeared to. Found a bug or problem? More of the same. No more 48" bikes too but 16 The Ynnari are a newly formed Eldar group, that worship the God Ynnead and believe their race can be saved from the predation of Slaanesh, by helping to bring about the birth of the slumbering God of the dead. Came up with a point list that I think will be very strong for new edition.

It also doesn't work in the moral phase, and a unit cannot do 2 soulburst actions in one turn. Have a story in which the Yncarne is shown to be as strong as a Daemon Primarch. Your points limit and army selections are validated so you can see if you've made any mistakes, and the easy to read output will summarise your units' profiles and special rules for quick reference. Also contained are some faction specific dice. Codex: Drukhari contains a wealth of background and rules — the definitive book for Drukhari collectors.

So my question is, what does "a Ynnari army" exactly refer to? A single detachment, the army as a whole, or is it just saying that almost all Aeldari units can switch out their standard faction rules for the Ynnari ones?

New Ynnari rules leak. Rules discussion and rules queries should be posed with the verbiage of the rules in question, and citation of page numbers and publications should be used by the OP and responses, if at all possible. The Tyranid Hive. The Ynnari are still a new army in 40k, and today the Warhammer Community is taking them forward to 8th edition, and showing us what we will find there. After more than forty thousand years of war and strife among the stars, Humanity stands on the brink of extinction.

Eldar - Ynnari Triumvirate of Ynnead 8th Edition Repackaging Though the chosen of Ynnead are extremely dangerous in their own right, when they marshal their strength as one they have the power to alter the fate of the galaxy. A codex often pluralised as codexes by Games Workshop, though the grammatically correct pluralisation is codices , in the Warhammer 40, tabletop wargame, is a rules supplement containing information concerning a particular army, environment, or worldwide campaign.

Ynnead, sometimes called the Whispering God, is the Aeldari God of the Dead and represents the last hope of the dwindling Aeldari race. Our goal is to provide players and hobbyists with up-to-date data that they may analyze, share and, if they feel like it, agonize over in comfort.

As well as some pretty seismic progressions in the Warhammer 40, narrative, it also gave players of Eldar armies of all types a fundamentally different way to use their armies. However, with how the Psychic Rules worth in 8th Edition you might be better off using those powers on the blob of Scorpions that he is babysitting instead. They are organised in the same order that they are found in the Index Chaos.

What does this mean? We toyed with various horrendous combinations of Imperial Knights, wraithknights, dreadknights, Ta'unar, etc but decided to give the recently released Ynnari a spin.

And battle focus is a bad ability given that only the eldar with assault weapons can even use it. So your options are 1 field 1 or 2 units of black guardians as elites choices in a ynnari reborn warhost.

Good haul today, got the rulebook and rules for marines and ynnari, and ash got rules for sisters, knights and assassins. The mad scientist in me enjoys the work. Under this model, the Ynnari are treated as a full-fledged standalone army and get their own codex.

Came up with a poi Rules The Core Rules explain everything you need to play to play Warhammer 40, Any unit that is gains the Ynnari keyword. International downloaders - please read the "International Shipping" section of our listing prior to making your download for information on transit times. It appears next month that the Ynnari are coming to White Dwarf for May.

The word currently is and you can see in the pic that this will be an index similar to what we had for the Crimson Fists. No forgiveness. The Battlescribe data editor can cause problems when merging updates.

They were kind of the last straw for a lot of people playing the game. Yvraine is a decent psyker with her Gyrinx and potentially tough to kill due to regaining lost wounds when nearby Aeldari are killed. Ynnari are downright broken as hell in 7th edition. I got the fracture book with the Ynnari rules.

You can mix different Eldar races into one army now. Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. Standalone Codex. Please try to avoid posting entire sections and pages of the rules, and keep things as streamlined as possible. The Asuryani long believed that when the Infinity Circuits finally hold all the remaining souls of their species, all of the Craftworlds will unite into one I had yet to play Ynnari in either 7th or 8th edition, so would be interested to see how they performed.

PS He even stayed open a bit late because I had some rules questions he wanted to answer. It has three characters and a few formations and a detachment. Fantasy takes much more longer to play because the rules are more complicated, there's more models at the norm point level and there's generally just more phases in the game. Watch this space for more.

Scatbikes are dead too now and no more Soulbursting WK. Rules The Core Rules explain everything you need to play to play Warhammer 40, No more than 3 Detachments; No single model with a Power Level of 32 or higher may be used. This allows you to either immediately get more mileage of a unit that diced its way through an enemy or take an action out of sequence when one of your units bites the dust to fuck up your opponent's sequence and plans.

While this ability costs Craftworld, Harlequin, and Dark Eldar their signature abilities in Ancient Doom, Battle Focus, Rising Crescendo and Power from Pain; the sheer devastation that can be unleashed by two rapid salvos from units like Scourges or Trueborn or Incubi charging and tearing through a second enemy unit immediately after the first more than make up for any lost mobility which in the case of Wraithblades and Wraithguard, who don't have thier signiture Battle Focus, is a complete non-factor.

While no unit can benefit from more than one Soulburst during a given turn, a bit of careful placement will let you cascade this from unit to unit, allowing the majority of your army to act twice. There are a number of caveats and errata to the Strength from Death ability. A link to the FAQ, with the most recent changes in magenta can be found here. With 33 stratagems overall, including a mix of reprints from the Craftworld codex, Drukhari specific stratagems, and game changing faction exclusive stratagems, Dark Eldar are among the most command point hungry factions in the game.

Dark Eldar do not have native access to psychic powers but can include Ynnari or Craftworld psykers to fill the gap. That said unless you have a mixed list only Doom, Executioner, Mind War and the debuff portions of the Runes of Battlepowers are worth it.

Oh and Smite. Just remember not to stick an Haemonculus next to a Psyker unless you like explosions or a hilariously Dark Eldar way to trigger Soulburst. Only available to Yvraine and the Yncarne, these powers allow them to play both a supportive and offensive role for your army. Characters in Transports are kind of a pain due to capacity being 5, 10, or 16, while many other armies have an odd number for their transports so you can fit in a character.

Just keep this in mind if you are taking multiple HQ units. Not that it comes up often for the Drukhari outside of embarking characters, but you can mix units inside transports now.

Beta Rules: With the Beta rules functionally killing off Alpha Strike lists that use a lot of Deep Strike stratagems in favour of Gunlines, the value of these have skyrocketed considerably. In Matched Play, you can only take 3 Beasts per detachment, and the detachment itself must contain at least 1 Beastmaster. Jump to: Retrieved from " https: Namespaces Page Discussion.

If you haul a couple Sslyths along in a Raider with Splinter Racks, you'll have some fun as you shoot things to utter shit.

With CCW and pistols and 3 attacks base, these guys will put out five S5 attacks on the charge. Great for finishing whatever survives your archondrop's shooting. To sum it up: while the Court isn't a bad choice in the same sense Mandrakes are, for their points there are definitely far more better choices. With the abolition of the one-of-each clause, you can now give some good meatshields if you really feel uncomfortable alone. Haemonculus - HQs that can be customized specifically for the troops you want them to lead that got slightly pricier at 70 but have the Ancient's statline by default.

Relatively tough and with access to some pretty heavy-duty wargear, including the Crucible of Malediction, which gives all psykers within 3d6" an unsavable S6 hit, and your only source of HQ-level Concussive, via the Mindphase Gauntlet, which is unfortunate, because Reavers and Acothysts with Electrocorrosive Whips are better at making Concussive attacks stick. In shooty lists, it's not uncommon to see a single, cheap haemonculus with a liquifier gun or a hex rifle or an otherwise naked Archon with a blaster stuck in with a larger squad just to fill up the mandatory HQ slot, because the DE will not be winning by combat in this edition damn Overwatch.

This makes bringing them even more critical, as their PFP boosting is the only way the Grotesques can last despite their shit Leadership. Keep them as cheap as possible, and keep the relics you grab from the covens as low as possible, because most of them kick ASS. Her biggest advantage, by far, is the ridiculously small amount of points she costs to get out; even fully-kitted out she's unlikely to reach points.

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Worth taking if you plan to use Wych cults, especially as Lelith costs twice as much if you take a Succubus as-is. Also, unlike Lelith, she has combat drugs, which can definitely boost her combat potential.

She won't last long outside of a combat so either hide her in a big unit of wyches or have her deep strike with them. She also makes a great secondary HQ due to her low points cost. Let your primary commander the archon of course go with the incubi or banshees while the succubus just sticks with the wyches to help tie down units until the archon arrives. One interesting idea might be to put a Succubus with the Archite Glaive and the Armour of Misery the rest is optional in a small team of Incubi preferably with Klaivex.

Not only do you get to mix "horny daemons" of both sexes but the entire team ends up with a number of high WS, high Initiative S4 AP2 melee attacks. Get them a dedicated Venom and skim around the map to remove distant objective holders, whether a squad of Cultists or Tac Marines. The FNP and Furious Charge the team gets as the game progresses significantly increases their effectiveness. Due to the new 7th Edition Codex, over half of our named Characters are gone, including the main player, Asdrubael Vect.

Cue this reaction from Dark Eldar players towards GeeDubs. She makes your opponent sweat, since any squad she reaches close combat with is comprehensively screwed - unless she starts hammering away on something she'll have difficulty actually hurting such as Plague Marines - Strength 3 isn't doing her any favors.

Her lack of combat drugs is also irritating due to how useful those buffs would be on her The mental images are priceless. And fap-worthy. To add insult to injury, she also can re-roll to-hit and to-wound in a challenge. If you've gotten Lelith into close combat with a vehicle, you are using her entirely wrong.

If you really feel uncomfortable on taking tough things in combat, you can download an Impaler - her special rule overrides the AP5, and she gains re-rolls 1s to-wound. One word: Wraiths Of note here is that Lelith has lost her ultra-cool super-special-snowflake rule from 6E that allowed her to generate more attacks if her WS was higher than her opponent's. He has seen a little bit of rework, like Lelith, but in his case not all the changes are for the better also like Lelith. He has lost, like the klaivex, his special powers and in exchange he got rampage.

That is not terrible, but is quite situational at best you should try to take advantage of it by putting him in a little elite squad He has also lost his Dragon Ball-like ability to teleport himself in whatever spot he liked in close combat and riposte, that allowed him to kick in the balls every enemy unit was attacking him if he rolled a 6 when taking an armour save. He can still do his job quite well, especially in the late game when he could possibly unleash a grand total of 9 Strength 6, AP 2, Weapon Skill 7, Initiative 7 attacks, which can generate more attacks on a 6 to wound roll.

He and his squad still lack grenades though, so take care not to charge enemy in cover if you want to make the most of their high initiative. Put him in a venom with 4 incubi for maximum Carnage. He also suffer, like Klaivexes, from the nerf to Demiclaives, sadly.

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On a side note, he doesn't come with a pre-established warlord trait. If this was an error or on purpose it's unknown, but it allows him to be a little bit more flexible although not a lot: he is still a beatstick and can't do nothing other than kill units in assault. A good warlord trait for him would be Hatred Eternal, giving him hatred and making him even a stronger rape machine, but Labyrinthine Cunning is simply too good to pass on so you should take it if you roll it.

Urien Rakarth - A super-Haemonculus. His relic is very meh, though, as it's a single use 12" S3 AP3 Assault 2d6 shot, which isn't terrible, but hardly something to take him for. Important to note that his Father of Pain special rule does not stack with master of pain on a Haemonculus Troops[ edit ] Kabalite Warriors - You know them, you love them. They're your cheap scoring, your anti-tank, and your source of Raiders and Venoms. The big question is whether to take them in 5-man Venom or man Raider squads - the 5 man squad puts out 17 poison shots and 22 in rapid fire range and costs points, while the 10 man puts out an effective 13 to 27 poison shots at points thanks to Splinter Racks.

Either squad can take a blaster, but the presence of the Raider's Dark Lance and their ability to take another Dark Lance makes the 10 man squad better at early game and emergency tank-hunting.

Once you get within Splinter Rifle range it's wasteful to shoot at tanks.

Warhammer 40K - Codex - Dark Eldar

Venoms are better at Alpha striking infantry from far away, so keeping them hidden behind Ravagers or stationary cover for much of the game is a good idea. If you want more initial firepower take Venoms instead. Running man squads disembarked and in area terrain also helps troop survivability.

This way when the raider goes boom, you don't lose half the squad due to S4 hits and bad rolls. Give them a splinter cannon, and let them pour out shots. If you get turn 1, you can move up with the raider, disembark into some cover around midfield, and get even more done with them than you ever could in the raider.

Strictly speaking,there isn't really much point to the shredder. Even though it is S6, it has no AP, meaning even Ork boys can take saves against the thing. Just download a splinter cannon instead. Much better and no finicky blast templates to mess with. Wych Squad - Unfortunately Wyches can no longer take Haywire grenades. Re-read the book One of our few methods for close range anti-tank is gone, but with the new Combat Drugs and the new way Power From Pain works, just pray your Wych squad lasts until they get Furious Charge.

This combined with a lucky Combat Drug roll will still mean these Wyches mulch through Hordes with a bunch of high initiative attacks. Give them a Raider to improve their mobility as always, and consider deepstriking them to avoid their useless first turn. With all of their previous tricks taken from them such as Haywire or Wych weaponry that reduces numbers of attacks. As mentioned above they also function against low value Hordes by striking first with massed attacks, but other Dark Eldar units such as Beastmasters can do that better.

All three Wych weapon choices are AP5, S-, and 5 points each. It should be noted that ALL weapons mentioned are taken on both hands, meaning that they'll always get another attack for having a second melee weapon.

Each grants a particular type of rerolls. To be honest, if Wyches are against something with WS9, they're there as a tarpit, not to do damage. Razorflails, thus, are mostly trash. The Shardnet and Impaler, condoning rerolls of all 1s in close combat, seems useful.

However, it quickly pales in comparison to the last weapon. This is a much bigger boon than any of the competition. Wyches are Strength 3, meaning they'll wound Space Marines on 5s. Re-rolling this is much more important than rerolling the 3s to hit, since there are simply more chances to fail. The benefits against Toughness 3 units are also notable; most Toughness 3 models are also WS3, meaning the Wyches already hit them on 3s, rendering razorflails relatively redundant.

Another take - There is a lot of negativity surrounding Wyches in the 7E codex, but consider this: While you are unable to spam ungodly amounts of Haywire Grenades as before, you can still give them to your Hekatrix and the rest of the ladies do still have Plasma Grenades which are more than sufficient for cracking open light and some medium vehicles.

If you get lucky with your Combat Drugs and last until Turn 4, then you will be Strength 5 on the charge too, which is even better. The one thing they can't really do is hold on to objectives, and obviously keep them away from units with multiple flamers. If used correctly though, Wyches can be absolutely terrifying to your opponent. Don't underestimate them. As long as you roll one of the good ones Attack, WS, or S , pump that up to almost 4.

Do they have furious charge from PFP? This doesn't even count their pistol shots. Yes, that means you can mathematically wipe an entire Sternguard, Devastator, or objective-camping Tac squad in one turn of combat! Deepstrike the Raider, jink like your life depends on it it does , and send the ladies in against anything MEQ or worse and you WILL see your enemies die horribly.

Think about it -- where else can you get 3 attacks on the charge at WS4 maybe 5! They're not that bad! Eldar Allies highjinks huehue commence! Both transports are open-topped, and meant to take on one type of target.

Raiders provide an anti-tank shot, Venoms provide a lot of anti-infantry shots. Venoms get their Flickerfield for free, while Raiders get access to more stuff, including splinter racks and Nightshields. For example, a mech army can ignore Wracks in a Venom, but not if they're in a Raider.

They can't ignore Blaster trueborn in a venom, for similar reasons. Aside from that, there are some additional notes. Oh, and never forget that these are pretty much the most fragile vehicles in the game. Now that glancing hits send vehicles to smithereens, pretty much anything with S4 will take your spiky flying ships down, so neglect cover saves at your own risk. Reason being that while Jinking forces the vehicle itself to snapfire in the following Shooting Phase, nothing is said about the passengers the Jink rule is worded that only the model with said Jink rule benefits from it.

Have fun. Keep your Venoms as your backfield scoring or last minute grabbing if you're using Combined Arms Detachments. The value these guys have as delivery mechanisms is priceless, and if you use BB and Realspace Raiders, they become even more critical.

Raider - You'll want these for assault troops for one simple reason. Most DE assault units are primarily anti-infantry. Of the upgrades they get that Venoms don't, Shock Prows are the most general-purpose, as tank shock has a lot of utility. Another one good upgrade is splinter racks, perfectly good for any shooting shooting platform now that it makes any splinter weapon TL. Night Shields are pretty much an auto-take, as this is the only protection they can get, and even then they need cover.

Something to note regarding allies - these are the best assault vehicles for ALL Eldar factions craftworld, harlequins, deldar. Venom - In addition to their normal AT bits, that they're smaller makes them better for speedy assaults. Less chance of mishap and whatnot and now come with Flickerfields by default.

Always pay the points to jack up your Splinter Rifle to a Splinter Cannon. It must be said, the look on an Ork player's face when your Transport pumps 12 Poisoned Shots into his unit is priceless. The Venom did get hurt by 7th Edition's assignment of 2 Hull Points to it instead of the average 3 which the Raider has.

Keep in mind that you draw an X across the 'corners' to determine where these facings are not that it matters because 10 all-round. Clever movement and positioning will go long way to making your paper boats more survivable.

They've taken a few hits since the last codex, as alterations to FNP, FC and Poison have all lowered their offensive and defensive potential. Still they're cheap, reasonably survivable and can still put in a nasty charge if needed. SMs in 7E: 30 Attacks, 15 Hit, 7. If you're making them anti-infantry, the Ossefactor is another option, as it can spread the pain around if someone dies. The Covens make these guys the cheapest troops you can find, and they'll probably find the most use as they're the least likely to break.

The issue is that they have very few guns to work with, and what they have is either unpredictable or unimpressive. Keep them with a Haemonculus to make sure they survive.

Grotesques - A big improvement on last Codex, though still with some big drawbacks. They're slow, lack power weapons, clog up transports, and have a shit Leadership 3 4 with an Aberration, but who pays for that?

These guys are also your best tarpits ahead of Wyches with the ability to outright ignore thunder hammers to the face with Feel No Pain and all but the entire ranged arsenal of the opposing force.

Combined with Rampage, Furious Charge turn 4 and Rage turn 6 they become monsters. Covens will inevitably have to make use of these guys, as they're the only other Elite choice available. While crap with Ld and only able to support firing with Liquefiers, these guys will inevitably fuel your assault game. A Haemonculus is going to have to be kitted to help them here and sadly, this usually won't do without an artefact helping some.

You now have regenerating monstrosities that will inevitably become even deadlier. Especially with the two Engines right next to them. We could take cheap Lhamean HQs already anyways, so crank the fluffrape and cheese up to eleven doing this remember to put space marine pauldrons on the Aberration. If they last until Turn 6 they'll get the full benefits of Power Through Pain - at which point they can deal with just about any infantry unit in the game on the charge.

They also took a hefty points drop this edition, which is nice. Interestingly, they're Ld9 as standard now. They lack any kind of ranged weapon, meaning that they can easily be kited and have no way to soften up their target unit--which is bad because even new players will know just from the model that these guys are serious business.

They still are only T3, have only 1 wound each and each model that dies is 20 points you won't be getting back. To make matters worse, their lack of assault and defensive grenades means that anything assaulted in cover will probably be hitting first, and if charged themselves, will have more saves to make per enemy model. Look elsewhere for melee troops; these guys are just too expensive for what they bring to the table.

The Klaivex lost his special abilities, though Rampage can also be worth it for dealing with larger units. Demiklaives can allow for some amusing combinations, but only if you have points to literally waste. In other words, don't bother with them. Mandrakes - Your sole infiltrators.


Mandrakes still can't even assault after coming out of reserves, but they get S4, Stealth, Shrouded and their Baleblast does acceptably against all non-MEQs also now with Soulblaze. When placed in some cover, they can get some more reliable ways to attack though don't expect too much out of them. That's right, Mandrakes, the kings of Counts-As jokes since time immemorial, are finally decent.

Poor Pyrovores are the only jokes left.Each Bloodbride costs only 3 points more than a standard Wych, and the extra attack per model actually means something in this case compared to Trueborn. An alternate opinion: It is half the cost of a shadow field so if you are just going for a 'cheap as chips' HQ it can be helpful.

Solarite Weapons: If the Solarite trades out his shardcarbine for a splinter pistol or a blast pistol, he can take one of three upgraded melee weapons.

Reece helps runs some of the biggest independent Warhammer 40, events in the world, including the Las Vegas Open and the recently announced Southern California Open. Note, however that rules say that it doesn't affect models, not units, with the Fearless rule Neat, but Fearless is conferred to a unit via one model, so A good warlord trait for him would be Hatred Eternal, giving him hatred and making him even a stronger rape machine, but Labyrinthine Cunning is simply too good to pass on so you should take it if you roll it.

Moving, shooting, using psychic powers, charging, fighting and morale tests are covered, giving you the basic framework to play with.

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