Pursuit of Honor. Home · Pursuit of Honor Author: Vince Flynn. 14 downloads Views Mitch Rapp 10 - Pursuit of Honor. Read more · Pursuit · Read more . Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn - #1 New York Times bestselling author of American Assassin—now a major motion picture An exhilarating political thriller from. Pursuit of Honor by Vince Flynn. Preview 7 FOREWORD T he Pursuit of God was the fruit of A. W. Tozer's spir-itual exploration The Pursuit of God.

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nice Pursuit of Honor By Vince Flynn AudioBook Free Download. Pursuit of Honor [Vince Flynn] on redelocidi.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. #1 New York Times bestselling author of American Assassin—now a major. Treason, Protect and Defend, Extreme Measures, Pursuit of Honor, The Last Man , The. Survivor, Order To Kill and Enemy Of The State (). American.

Hakim gave them his permission because he knows that's all they want, but Karim is convinced they are undercover police and kills them both. Now they are on the run, trying to stay a step ahead of the police. Neither trusts the other and they ended up splitting. Hakim to Nassau to get money and hide somewhere while Karim and Ahmed, their loyal servant went to Washington to wreak more havoc. After the President award a medal to Nash set up by Mitch for Nash to give Nash a better life , Karim kidnapped Nash's daughter while Nash and his wife have dinner in a restaurant.

Karim and Ahmed brought Nash's daughter to the Lincoln Memorial and decided to make a deal with Nash. At the exchange point, Mitch successfully killed Karim.

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Pursuit of Honor

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Rapp moved down the sidewalk toward Park Avenue at a casual pace. He was dressed in a fashion similar to that of the thousand-plus executive car drivers who were shuffling their clients around the city on this rain-soaked evening—black shoes, black suit, white shirt, black tie, and a black trench coat. To anyone who happened to notice him, he would look like just another driver out stretching his legs, trying to kill a little time before his client finished his meal and was ready to head someplace else or call it a night.

Pursuit of Honor

As Rapp took up a position across the street and one door down from the Gramercy Tavern, he reached into his pocket and fished out a pack of Marlboros. Standing in the rain in New York City doing nothing might get you noticed, but throw in a cigarette and you looked like all the other addicts battling the elements to get their fix.

He tilted the umbrella so it looked as if he was trying to block the wind and flicked his lighter. After a deep pull off the cigarette, Rapp casually looked out from under the rain-soaked umbrella and across the street.

The other man was a concern, to be sure, but Rapp was not in the habit of killing private citizens simply because they were witnesses to the ramblings of a bitter man who was past his prime.

The surveillance team had the restaurant wired for sound, and for the last two hours he had been sitting in a parked Lincoln Town Car listening to his coworker trash-talk the Agency.

One would think that anyone who worked at the CIA would be a little more careful about when and where he decided to commit treason. So far his associate had done little more than espouse his political and philosophical views.

Bad form, to be sure, but nothing that had risen to the level of outright sedition.

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Rapp, however, could sense that it was coming. The man had been drinking heavily. Rapp had ordered his surveillance people to steer clear of the airports. There were too many cameras and trained law enforcement types who would eventually be interviewed by the FBI.

Rapp casually took another drag from the cigarette and watched as the waiter placed two snifters of cognac in front of the men. A few minutes earlier, Rapp had listened as the other man tried to pass on the after-dinner drink. Rapp got the feeling the man was starting to think the dinner meeting had been a waste of his time.

He told the other man he was going to need it after he heard what he was about to tell him. Now, with the rain softly pelting his umbrella, Rapp watched the waiter place two snifters on the table.

The waiter was still within earshot when the man from Langley leaned in and began to tell his story. Rapp heard every word via a wireless earpiece.

For the first few minutes it was all innuendo. Anyone who had been read in at this level of national security knew what could be discussed and what was strictly off limits.

Rapp was in the midst of lighting his second cigarette when the conversation moved from the abstract to the concrete. It started with the specific mention of an operation that was known to only a handful of people, including the president. This is it, he thought to himself. The idiot is really going to do it. As casually as he could, Rapp brought his eyes back to the big window of the restaurant.Heck, I want all the Rapp books made into movies - TV movies, 2-part ones, 2 movies a month.

To anyone who happened to notice him, he would look like just another driver out stretching his legs, trying to kill a little time before his client finished his meal and was ready to head someplace else or call it a night. Mike Nash questions some of Rapp's tactics; he is removed from tactical operations by promoting him to be Rapp's boss.

Pursuit of honor : a novel

I was happy about Senator Lonsdale in the previous book and glad to see her being good on her word. Of course, if you can get past these political POV, the rest of the book about how Rapp tracks down the terrorists.

He fails to treat the pro-choice side with any seriousness at all. This book was a bit different from other Mitch Rapp adventures in that we see a lot of time spent dealing with people other than terrorists.

List Price: Rapp is a loose cannon that is portrayed as some glorified American hero. Like many struggling artists before him, he bartended at night and wrote during the day.

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