You can have a look at our printed books or PDF versions. This documentation is based on version of OpenERP, and was last updated Link employees and OpenERP users to facilitate the management of rights · Define employees' billing prices and costs · Define employee categories to assign. Basics of the QuickStart Methodology · · Users and Features · Online Database management · On-premise Database management · My Odoo Portal.

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Documentation site:,. • Modules and .. the PDF version, and then choose between a couple of options: 1. import this. 1 About Odoo Online Book. 3 This section gives you a link on the PDF or embedded videos on the online book, that shows you the detailed. Odoo development Documentation, Release master. Join our telegram group: Contents. 1.

The report engine The Open Report Engine process the.

RML file inserting data from the database at each expression. RML file will be replaced by the name of the country of the partner of the printed invoice.

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This report engine produce the same. RML file where all expressions have been replaced by real data.

The final document Finally the. Available functions Here are Python functions you can use: setLang 'fr' : change the language used in automated translation fields Use varname in the template's tags. Since versions 4.

X, you can use an optional third argument that is the name of the. RML tag you want to loop on.

You can construct it with the python logical operators "not", "and" and "or". You can see it as a virtual pointer to a specific commit in time of the remote repository. For Odoo.

You have public submodules and private submodules. Private repositories are the repositories that are not publicly available.

Usually you have private repositories when you work for a company and when you manage customer code. There is a big difference in using public or private submodules on Odoo.

When you have a public repository you can easily add the submodule and it will work. For a private repository you will need to generate a deploy key on Odoo.

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Now we know what a submodule is but the question is why would you use a submodule? Submodules are very handy to use if you want to include third party apps in your Odoo.

The only other way to get this code available in your Odoo.Save this. Ergonomics, ergonomics, and… ergonomics! In the following sections you'll see how to assign partners to categories manually perhaps for a newsletter subscription or as a hot prospect.

Categories Once you've defined the different sections you can create Categories. You can associate a warehouse with a partner to give the warehouse an address.

If a user at support level 1 can't handle a request he can escalate it to level 2.

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