Download your free copy of Drupal 7 Views Cookbook from Packt. This page eBook is available in PDF, ePub and Mobi will get you up to speed with Drupal. Drupal 7 Views Cookbook Over 50 recipes to master the creation of views using the Drupal Views 3 module J. Ayen Green. Drupal 7 Views Cookbook Over 50 recipes to master the creation of . versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub files available?.

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Drupal 7 Cookbook is filled with recipes to help you to do more with Drupal and create your own content types and use them to create Views, Blocks, and Pages. drupal 7 views cookbook pdf. Drupal / ˈ d r u˕ p əl / is a free and open- source content management framework written in PHP and distributed under the . Making Views with Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 The Views module is a powerful tool. Views in Drupal 7 as a contributed module, and views in Drupal 8, now that it is in core. . Mastering Views. - Drupal 7 Views Cookbook.

I left Drupal because it felt a bit too clunky if that makes sense? Joomla just seemed more fluid and robust.

And not to mention, RT Stuff! It comes down to a matter of personal preference and the type of website being developed.

For me, Joomla is great out of the box and the modules are usually easy to integrate and there is a nice admin back-end. However, as a programmer, it was so much more intuitive and simple to pick up building custom modules for Drupal versus Joomla, especially with the excellent text from VanDyk called "Pro Drupal Development".

The flexibility of CCK, taxonomy and other core Drupal modules is also outstanding, above anything that I have found in Joomla. And Drupal is very forward looking by incorporating things like the Semantic Web into the core in the coming version, which was a key for me.

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Finally, I had a bad experience with one of the Joomla vendors and was not able to find anywhere to post any criticism to warn others about them that was not flagged and deleted from any Joomla related forum. That left a bad taste in my mouth and was just the icing on the cake.

But I still like Joomla for being able to get a website up quickly that looks good especially with the RocketTheme templates. And Joomla does have some modules that are not yet matched in Drupal e. In the next several steps it was obvious that it should read " Little things like this can spoil the soup cooking pun 5 , and there's no excuse for the book's editors to miss obvious errors like this.

As I was reading the book, it was also clear to me that many sections could have been vastly improved with additional screenshots. Portions of the book were really text-heavy, and a few screenshots to break things up and provide sanity checks for users going through the exercises would have really sweetened the pie cooking pun 6.

There are also numerous recipes that exercise bad judgement - and encourage the reader to do the same - including hacking core. In one example, I fully understood what Mr.

Green was getting at he was introducing the concept of overriding a CSS style , but having the user make changes to a core theme sets a bad example for readers. At the very least, he should have included a warning that this is not a "best practice" and only included for brevity and maybe include a link to the right way to override a style. The "Creating Views Programmatically" chapter has a similar issue.

The first part of the chapter talks about writing a view by hand - literally typing in a view's object description line-by-line instead of using the UI - has anyone ever actually done this?

A much better option would have been to describe the process for making a minor change to the view in the object code - something that is not unheard of. Then there were the obvious errors.

The most obvious was for a recipe description that was completely different than the actual recipe.

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I suspect that at one time during the production of the book the recipe did exist as the description states, but it must have been modifed at a later point in the writing process, but the description didn't get updated along with it. As a seasoned Drupal developer and trainer, I was thrown by this and ended up re-reading the section three or four times before I figured out that it was just plain wrong.

Imagine how confused newbie readers will be. To top things off, the final section of the final chapter was titled, "Cloning a View" - I found this short section oddly placed, as the recipes in the book had been instructing the user to clone views literally from the first recipe.

This stuck out to me like a sore thumb. Why wasn't this section in the first chapter? I realize that I'm piling on a bit - I hesitated writing a review for this book at all, knowing that it wasn't going to be all cookies and candy cooking pun 7 , but I really think that authors and publishers of some Drupal books need to step it up a bit.

It took me about 4 hours to go through the book and find these in my opinion obvious errors.

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It scares me a little bit that people new-ish to Drupal will read books like this with obvious issues and assume that this is the way things are done in the Drupal community. As I said at the outset, the book may help some aspiring Drupal site builders learn Views.This was my third title for Packt, yet was a unique experience.

In the subsequent configuration box, click on the radio button for Yes and click on the Apply button. Title configuration box, change the Operator select box to Contains.

Modifying Default Views 10 Focusing on the Archive view The Monthly archive view displays a list of links that are the months in which the content was published. For testing purposes, ensure that there is at least one backlink in your content.

The essential step for this recipe is setting the output format to that of an HTML unordered list.

You then have the ability to place the block from the Block layout form.

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