GAT Practice Test. GAT General Sample Paper. Number of Questions: Time allowed: minutes. GAT General consists of three sections: 1. English. 2. GAT General by NTS is an aptitude test required by universities for the evaluationof the candidates. Download past sample papers similar to original. Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Any object falling within the boundary of a black hole Sample Paper GAT A 2. unusual changes .

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NTS does not endorse College of Admission Tests or this sample paper. The sole purpose of this document is to help test takers familiarize with the GAT pattern. Here are past papers of NTS GAT General for preparation of up coming tests Next NTS GAT General Test Sample Papers with Solution. The GAT GENERAL Sample Papers are complied with the help of top educational experts of Pakistan and previous papers that have been.

Khawaja Jameell ahmed , Inzmam-Ul-Haq Turk. Show More.

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No notes for slide. Gat sample paper 1. English 2. Quantitative 3.

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Analytical ReasoningEnglishThis section contains the following types of questions: B Restive means Restless 2. A Craven means CowardlyAntonyms 3. D Perfidy means disloyalty, treachery, deceives.

Hence, antonym is Loyalty. C Efficacy means effectiveness. Hence, antonym is InefficiencyAnalogiesRecognize the relation between the given pair of words in capital.

NTS Practice Test

And, select the pairof words from the given options that best expresses a relationship similar to that in capitalpair of words. GAT Practice Test 5. SAW A athlete: D A carpenter uses a saw, and reaper uses a sickle to cut the grain.

A Mendacity means dishonesty, hence, Mendacity and honesty are antonyms. Cravenness means Cowardness, and courage means bravery; hence both are antonyms.


A when B what C where D whom8. A in B to C from D with9. A for B within C about D nearly 4. GAT Practice Test A tell B ask C say D express A immature B scarcely C arrogantly D lackAnswers 7.

B Grammar A am B was C are D have been A had had B would had C would have D had haveAnswers GAT Practice Test Reading Comprehension Read the following paragraphs carefully and choose the correct answers from the options given belowThese huge waves wreak terrific damage when they crash on the shores of distant landsor continents.

Under a perfectly sunny sky and from an apparently calm sea, a wall ofwater may break twenty or thirty feet high over beaches and waterfronts, crushing housesand drowning unsuspecting residents and bathers in its path. How are these waves formed?

When a submarine earthquake occurs, it is likely to set upa tremendous amount of shock, disturbing the quite waters of the deep ocean. Thisdisturbance travels to the surface and forms a huge swell in the ocean many miles across. It rolls outward in all directions, and the water lowers in the centre as another as anotherswell looms up.

Thus a series of concentric swells are formed similar to those made whena coin or small pebble is dropped into a basin of water. The big difference is in the size.

Each of the concentric rings of basin water traveling out toward the edge is only about aninch across and less than a quarter of an inch high. The swells in the ocean are sometimesnearly a mile wide and rise to several multiple of ten feet in height. Many of us have heard about these waves, called "tsunami".

Nothing was done abouttsunamis until after World War II. An underwater earthquake in the Aleutian Islandscould start a swell that would break along the shores and cause severe damage.

NTS - National Testing Service

The test is offered in a paper pencil based format. Test taker is to fill ovals blank spaces for correct answers.

Many of Pakistani universities require that any candidate seeking admission in their MS, M. Large number of solved practice MCQ with explanations.

GAT Sample Paper

GMAT is the most popular test for admissions in management studies. Find a comprehensive list of major A comprehensive list of best colleg Have an opportunity to study in an A list of Books for Compititive Exa Read about how you can join Pakista Join Pakistan Army. How it is possi A popular name in Pakistani univers Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Info Toggle navigation Entrytest.

There are two forms of the GAT: Download 1 Download 2 Download 3.The normal maximum width of the waves is approximately A one mile B five miles C five feet D ten feet 6. Omama and Mugs are in Room 2. No notes for slide. Command X requires the dogs in Rooms 1 and 2 to change places. A when B what C where D whom8.

At the present time. Nothing was done about the waves until A deaths occurred B a solution was found C millions of dollars worth of damage was incurred D the outbreak of World War II You just clipped your first slide!

What this process leaves behind is a different kind of hole—a profound disturbance in spacetime. Neither W nor Y flies Thursday morning

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